In Chile in the year 2002, Teatro Atomico was created because of a desire of generating new creative and ground-breaking projects. Its spirit is characterized by searching stories which talk about daily dramas and human being desires, from an attractive and lighting esthetic to the member of the audience. The company searches to visually promote its plays, in order to give magic to that simple daily nature of real life. Searching for a Theatre which with poetic and imaginative ways gives a magical view in the scenic narration.  
Along these years we have created a lab with artists around the globe. Each of them strictly and creatively provides their knowledge to the current Project, in order to universalize the creation. Thus, the company becomes in the suitable space to test, exchange ideas and think about different chances of the theatrical avant-grade.
Teatro Atómico is headed by Iván Rojas, educated in the Theatre School of Fernando González in Santiago, Chile and invited actors from diverse nationality who best outline the current theatric projects.
Up to now, these eleven plays have been performed:“Playboy & Playgirl”, “Only You”, “Sala de Urgencias”, “El Mundo a la Carta”, “Mata piojos y liendres”, “Juegos a la Hora de la Siesta”, “Caníbales”, “Miseria”,  “9:45”, “Urgencia” y “La trilogía de la Alienación” with a systematic performing between Europa and Latinoamérica.
Our plays have been selected for festivals like “Scena Simulacro” and “Festival Talent” in Madrid, “Black Box Theater Festival” in Bulgary, “Dirty Drama 4” in Latvia, “IF Only” in Ireland, Fringe Festival in Sweden, among others. And we have been selected for artistic homes like Art Printing House in Lithuania.

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